SYTYCF 5: Topher DiMaggio and Derek Parker

Like every episode, the fifth episode of So You Think You Can Fuck consists of two challenges — a group challenge and a fuck scene between a member from each team. During the group challenge, the teams have to pick a location and come up with a script of a porn movie in just 30 seconds. They also have to play the actual scene.

This week’s sex scene is a hot one. We got the winner of the first season of SYTYCF Topher DiMaggio fucking Derek Parker. Both of them, have already been in a sex challenge this season. Derek Parker fucked Duncan Black in the first episode while Topher DiMaggio fucked Sean Duran in the second episode.

So, who is your favorite? The handsome Topher or the more rugged and masculine Derek? You got the chance to vote.

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Topher DiMaggio for SYTYCF

Topher DiMaggio at SYTYCF

Derek Parker at SYTYCF

Derek Parker at SYTYCF

Topher DiMaggio fucks Derek Parker

Topher DiMaggio fucks Derek Parker at SYTYCF

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