• Marcus Ruhl and Jack King fuck Duncan Black

    Tomorrow – January 20th, Men.com will release a threesome scene I have personally been waiting for. It’s a scene with two of my favorite guys; my favorite bottom boy and SYTYCF winner Duncan Black and the super sexy Jack King. The scene is called “The Ex Boyfriend” and according to Men.com this is one of the hottest threesomes in Men.com history.

    In this scene, Marcus Ruhl tries to get back his ex-boyfriend Jack King. Jack is already dating Duncan Black and he doesn’t like the attention from his ex. Duncan doesn’t mind the attention and thinks a threesome with Marcus and Jack would be really hot. Duncan’s fantasy comes true and he is right… a threesome with the ex lovers is hot indeed!

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    Marcus Ruhl, Jack King and Duncan Black

    The Ex Boyfriend

    Jack King and Marcus Ruhl fuck Duncan Black

    Watch the free trailer at Men.com

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