Marko Lebeau takes charge of Hayden Colby

Sexy stud Hayden Colby arrived on the set to do a jerk off scene for Men of Montreal, but when he confessed he’s got a thing for site owner Marko Lebeau, the plans changed. Marko decided to tie his hands up, blindfold him and has has his way with him. This is a serviced video with a kinky twist, as Hayden was forced into a submissive role.

Marko teases the helpless uncut stud with handjobs, blowjobs and he even fucks his ass with a butt plug and a couple of dildos. He does a great job bossing Hayden around and several times he has to slow down, in order for Hayden not to shoot his load. When he is finally allowed to cum, he blows a big load of cum. Marko catches his load with his hands and feeds Hayden his own warm load.

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Hayden Colby and Marko Lebeau

Hayden Colby at Men of Montreal

Hayden Colby gets serviced

Marko bosses Hayden around

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