• Liam Magnuson fucks Spencer Fox in “The Arrow”

    Men.com has launched another gay porn parody. In “The Arrow”, which of course is a parody of the successful television action / adventure series Arrow, we see Men.com exclusive Liam Magnuson fucking the born again Christian and retired gay porn actor Spencer Fox.

    Spencer announced his retirement a while ago and released a statement that revealed how he really feels about the gay porn industry and gay lifestyle in general, last week. Here’s a part of what he said:

    I have always been ashamed as a bisexual man to be categorized in the same organization that coexists with gay culture. Gay culture is an abomination that exists in mankind today. It is demonic in nature and lacks any foundation for conservative or moral base. There is no light at the end of the tunnel for gay culture.

    While the statement might have offended some of Spencer’s fans, the scene is pretty hot. Liam is a great top and he fucks Spencer in many different positions.

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    Liam Magnuson and Spencer Fox

    Liam and Spencer in The Arrow

    The Arrow porn parody

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