Max Chevalier fucks Christian Power in “Clash of the Titans”

Men of Montreal has released another scene with massive and beefy hunk Christian Power. This time, they have paired him up with another big guy from Canada: the very muscular Max Chevalier. It’s obvious why they have called this release “Clash of the Titans”.

The video starts with a hot shower scene, but after some teasing and groping the guys move into the bed room to continue what they started. First, Max sucks Christian’s hard and swollen cock, but Christian returns the favor and deep throats Max’ big cock. The oral fun doesn’t stop there, as they guys move into a 69 position and suck each other off some more.

Then it’s finally time for the real job. Max pushes his hard meat stick deep inside Christian’s ass and starts to fuck his big bubble butt. They switch positions a couple of times before both of the big boys shoot a massive load!

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Max Chevalier and Christian Power

Max Chevalier fucks Christian Power in Clash of the Titans

Christian and Max at Men of Montreal

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