Christian Wilde fucks Rod Daily in Naked Sword’s “Into The Wilde”

Naked Sword‘s new mini series “Into The Wilde” is all about their exclusive model Christian Wilde. In this second scene, we see Christian fucking Rod Daily. This new series has been directed by mr. Pam who is also responsible for big hit series such as Golden Gate, Truck, Hooker Stories and Grindhouse.

Naked Sword described this second scene as follows:

Even porn stars need a hired hand once in a while! Sure, Christian Wilde is one of the world’s most sought after porn stars, but his own fantasy is to let someone else do all the work. So to help Christian live out his second “Into The Wilde” sex wish, NakedSword Originals gets Rod Daily to give Christian a relaxing massage.

Naturally Rod has a hard time resisting the bounty laid out before him, and soon his hands wander. So does his mouth. And it doesn’t take long before Christian is off the massage table and giving Rod the fuck of his life. For Christian, it seems, there’s nothing more relaxing than a tight ass and a happy ending!

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Into The Wilde scene two

Christian Wilde fucks Rod Daily

Rod Daily bottoms for Christian Wilde

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Watch the full length scene at Naked Sword