Jessy Ares pounds Trenton Ducati in “Inside Job” part 3

Men At Play has yet released another hot scene from their “Inside Job” mini series. In the first two scenes, we saw Issac Jones fucking Landon Conrad and Jessy Ares and Landon Conrad fucking each other in a hot flip flop fuck scene. This time, Jessy Ares is back to pound new bank manager Trenton Ducati. Unfortunately, this is the last Inside Job scene.

Jessy and Trenton have been paired up by Titan Men before, but that doesn’t mean that this pair up shouldn’t work a second time. The scene is very hot and the two muscle hunks make a great couple. A match made in heaven!

Here’s Men At Play‘s description of the scene:

After several sexual harassment claims filed against him, Landon Conrad is quietly suspended from his position at the bank, and is replacement Mr Trenton Ducati takes his place at his desk. However Trenton is experienced enough to know that he can’t make it in a new company without an inside man, and he calls in Jessy Ares to see if he’s ambitious enough to fulfill the position on offer.

And Jessy proves he’s more than man enough for the job by showing off his excellent deep-throathing skills right there on his new desk, before pounding his muscle ass with his rock hard dick. This final episode in the Inside Job mini-series ends with the strongest pairing of them all.

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Trenton Ducati and Jessy Ares in Inside Job

Jessy Ares fucks Trenton Ducati

Trenton Ducati bottoms for Jessy Ares

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