Colby Keller fucks Dale Cooper in “A Thing of Beauty” part 1

The title of this new CockyBoys film might be a bit misleading. “A Thing of Beauty” sounds very sweet and romantic and while the first scene definitely has some romantic moments, people are going to remember the scene for the rough and passionate hardcore fuck. The movie has been directed by Jake Jaxson and RJ Sebastian and they did an amazing job. Everything is perfect, from the videography to the editing and from the music to the devoted performers.

In the first part of “A Thing of Beauty“, we see Colby Keller and Dale Cooper in a beautiful surrounding and after some flirting, playful moments and tender loving care, Colby shows that he can be a very aggressive and dominant top. Dale loves to be manhandled and you can see that he loves how Colby takes care of him – first in a hammock, then on the bed. Words can not describe the passion in this scene, so better watch the trailer at the bottom of this page.

In the second part of this movie, you can watch JD Phoenix and Gabriel Clark.

In other CockyBoys news, a toned-down version of CockyBoys’ “Roadstrip” – starring Jake Bass and Max Ryder – will be shown at the Q Fest Film Festival in Philadelphia next month. After the 82-minute long premiere event, there will be time for a Q&A session with models Max Ryder, Jake Bass, Levi Karter and Ricky Roman as well as CockyBoys owners Jake Jaxson, RJ Sebastian and Benny Morecock. This is event is followed by a party in the Voyeur Nightclub.

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Colby Keller and Dale Cooper

Dale Cooper gets plowed by Colby Keller

Colby and Dale in A Thing of Beauty

Colby and Dale for CockyBoys

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