Kevin Warhol fucks Jake Bass and Max Ryder in “Roadstrip” part 4

It has been a wild ride for Jake Bass and Max Ryder. Their road trip that led them from New York to Los Angeles comes to an end with this last episode from CockyBoys‘ movie “RoadStrip“. It was a crazy experience for the two young city boys, full of laughter, fights, sex and crazy dialogues. Before the guys head back to New York, they decide to camp in the Joshua Tree National Park., where they again experience a great adventure.

Jake tells Max about a magical Y-shaped cactus he researched online containing aloe that can cause hallucinations if absorbed into the body, allowing you to “see whatever you’re meant to see.” With a little detective work, the two find the Y and immediately start tripping on it. Through the Y, some meditation, and a dream that’s a little too real, all their issues seem to work themselves out.

In their fantasy, the guys have a threesome with BelAmi boy Kevin Warhol, who they both got a major crush on. Kevin fucks both of them, while the guys suck each other off. It’s a scene full of action and with a very messy end. You got to check out the trailer for this episode at the bottom of this page.

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Max Ryder, Jake Bass and Kevin Warhol

Kevin Warhol fucks Jake Bass and Max Ryder

Jake, Max and Kevin in Roadstrip

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Max and Jake in Roadstrip GIF

  • Rob90

    I think I’m in love with Max and Jake after seeing them in Roadtrip. They make such a cute and fun couple. And Kevin is the topping on the cake.