Paddy O’Brian bottoms for the first time in “Top to Bottom” part 2 has been building up the hype for their upcoming scene “Top to Bottom” part 2. Till today, the identity of the straight porn star who makes his bottoming debut in this scene was kept secret. Now we can finally say it’s big-dicked UK stud Paddy O’Brian who takes it up the ass for the very first time. The scene will be released on July 26th.

Earlier this week, we could already see Paul Walker bottoming for the first time in “Mates” part 4. He got fucked by his best buddy Paddy. [see the trailer]

Paddy O’Brian bottoms for the first time?

Paddy isn’t a total virgin, if you take his solo scene for World Of Men into account. Last year, he jerked off while stuffing his ass with a dildo. However, this is the very first time he gets fucked by another guy! I bet many people have secretly been looking forward to that day would come.

The identity of the top is still a secret and will be revealed next week. Who would you like to see breaking in Paddy?

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Paddy O'Brian bottoms for the first time

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  • SuperDuper

    Oh yes! This is going to be great. I always hoped he would bottom one day

  • Kai

    I just knew it had to be Paddy. Who’s going to be the top? My guess is Topher.

    • SuperDuper

      I am hoping for Liam Magnuson, but Topher Di Magio would be very hot too. Why do you think it’s Topher?

  • Rob88

    i am probably the only one but i am not looking forward to see this one. i don’t think that this guy is all that attractive.

  • Corn is yellow

    When has the video been filmed? I’d like to believe that the scene was filmed before Rocco Reed retired. Rocco might be THE TOP

    • Kai

      That’s not a bad guess actually. You might be right.

  • Brayden

    Kai’s guess is correct. Topher DiMaggio is the one who fucks Paddy in this scene