Billy Santoro fucks Colby Keller in “Sex Traveler” part one network site Drill My Hole has today released the first scene from a new mini series, called “Sex Traveler“. Colby Keller is the sex traveler and in the first scene he meets new exclusive Billy Santoro for a hot and horny encounter.

With the help of a new technology, Colby Keller is able to live out an authentic sex fantasy in a different era. During his first voyage, he travels to the future and finds a population that is hotter and hornier than ever. Billy is the first person he meets and within seconds, both guys are stripping naked. The guys swap blowjobs for a while, but Colby wants Billy to fuck his hungry ass.

Colby bends over and Billy shoves his big cock deep inside his ass. He first, fucks him from behind, then Colby takes control as he impales himself on Billy’s hard cock and fucks himself. The guys finish in missionary positions before the both of them blow a huge load.

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In the second scene from the same series, we see Colby Keller fucking JD Phoenix and in the third and final scene, Colby meets Landon Conrad, JD Phoenix, Colby Jansen and Adam Herst.

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Billy Santoro fucks Colby Keller

Sex Traveler part one

Billy and Colby in Sex Traveler part one

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