Top to Bottom 4: Identity of the bottom revealed – drum roll please…

The “Top to Bottom” series from are fun for two reasons. First, it is hot to see a top-only performer getting fucked for the very first time. Second, all the guesses and speculations about who will be the next bottom are fun.

In the very first scene, it was Tony Paradise who got his virgin ass fucked. He was fucked by Colby Jansen. Then in the second scene, Paddy O’Brian gave up his virgin British ass to Topher DiMaggio. A few weeks ago, in the third scene from this series, Liam Magnuson got fucked by Connor Maguire. has just released a short trailer for Top to Bottom part four, in which they reveal the identity of the next bottom. I am not going to say who it is right away, cause the teaser video reveals his identity in a fun and dramatic lead up. I will only say that many people guessed it right and that the next bottom was a top in one of the previous Top to Bottom scenes.

Here’s the short teaser from which ends with the name of the new bottom:

It is yet unknown when the scene will be released, but it can’t take that much longer. has an exclusive offer for Queer Fever readers! For only $25 per month – for as long as your membership is active – you will get unlimited access to all six (and very soon seven) sites inside the network. The network updates with a new scene every day of the week.

More good news for Colby Jansen fans: The exclusive will appear in the first scene from a new series, called “Gaytrix“. In this scene, he is a top again and fucks Darius Ferdynand. The scene goes live tomorrow, but you can already watch the trailer here.

Also, has created a hot compilation video for all the 32 scenes which will be released during the month October. Be sure to check out what’s coming our way this month!

Colby Jansen bottoms in Top to Bottom 4

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  • SuperDuper

    OHH MY SWEET LORD!! Yessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!

  • Girlintoporn

    So who will be the bottom?

    • SuperDuper

      Colby Jansen