Bruno Fox fucks Jake Bolton’s hole at Alpha Males

This week’s hardcore scene from Alpha Males is one not to miss. They have paired up bald stud Bruno Fox and sexy bottom Jake Bolton. While the story line here is a bit lame (just like those in 99% of all the porn videos), the guys really know how to put on a show and the action is hot and intense.

Jake clumsily knocks a glass of water on his boss and flustered, he tries to fix his mistake, patting his boss thighs dry. Bruno is angry at first but, aware of the hand so close to his cock, decides to punish Jake in a different manner. He will enjoy fucking the clumsy man. They kiss but soon Jake is pushed down and Bruno’s thick cock is showed down his throat.

Bruno face fucks him hard and deep, then sucks him a bit before pushing him down on the desk and rolling his legs high to have good access to his ass. He rims him deep then fucks him there before pulling him up, pushing him against the wall and fucking him again, harder, until he is ready to explode. Bruno pushes him down on his own chair and comes on his face and chest. Jake shoots nearly at the same time on his own furry stomach.

[More Alpha Males news] – Next month, Alpha Males is going to release a video, I am really looking forward to. Kayden Gray gets his ass fucked by Damien Crosse in this upcoming video!

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Bruno Fox fucks Jake Bolton

Jake Bolton bottoms for Bruno Fox

Watch Bruno Fox fucking Jake Bolton at Alpha Males