Jesse Jackman gets fucked by Jessy Ares in “Caught in the Act” scene three

Titan Men has released the third scene from their full length movie “Caught in the Act” starring two real men; Jesse Jackman and Jessy Ares. Both of them have just the right amount of facial- and body hair and they are always ready for some passionate action. The scene is loaded with cock slurping action and of course plenty of hard ass plowing.

Here’s how Titan Men describes this hot scene:

“Turn off the surveillance camera,” demands Jessy Ares. He has military man Jesse Jackman helpless in a chair as he tries to get to the bottom of a breaking scandal involving secret service misconduct. “Stand up,” orders the officer, who takes out the muscle man’s cock and strokes it. “I… don’t understand where this is going, sir,” says a nervous Jesse. “Evidence, colonel!” answers the interrogator, trying to recreate the events that landed Jesse in trouble.

“You’re beginning to get hard… is that what happened then?” asks Jessy. “Yes, sir” is his answer. Jesse sucks the stud deep being forcing him to do the same: “Choke on my cock!” yells the alpha, spit dripping to the floor. Jessy bends his subject over the chair and fucks him, his balls banging as his abs clench: “Open that hole up for me!” (“Yes, sir!”). Jessy slaps the bottom’s ass, then turns him over—resting his hand on Jesse’s monster pecs as he plows away, the two finally releasing their loads.

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Jessy Ares fucks Jesse Jackman

Jesse Jackman bottoms for Jessy Ares

Jessy and Jesse in Caught in the Act

Watch Jessy Ares plowing Jesse Jackman’s ass