Topher DiMaggio gets fucked by former boyfriend Lance Luciano in “Top To Bottom 6″

Tomorrow,‘s new network site Top To Bottom will release the scene everyone has been waiting for. Topher DiMaggio gets fucked for the very first time and his former boyfriend Lance Luciano. At the time of the shoot, the two studs were still together, but Lance broke up with Topher last month.

Topher has always said he would never bottom, but has finally done what other studios have been trying – which is getting Topher to bottom. This scene is actually a flip-flop scene, so we will see Topher fucking Lance, too.

The scene will go live at 2:00 AM EST (Eastern Standard Time) or 7:00 AM GMT (Greenwich Mean Time). has an exclusive offer for Queer Fever readers. For just $25.00 per month – for as long as your membership is active – you will get unlimited access to all seven sites inside the network. The network updates every day of the week with new and exclusive scenes.

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Topher DiMaggio gets fucked by Lance Luciano

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Lance Luciano fucks Topher DiMaggio

Watch how Topher DiMaggio gets fucked for the first time


  • vinnieboiblue

    Dimaggio ruined it with those facial expressions. Think of all the guys hes fucked an took his tool without grimacing the way he has. Too bad it was not a group “rape” scene where all his bottoms get crack at his ass . That would really give him something to grimace about.