Jessie Colter threatened with arrest and being called queer for wearing brief trunks

It looks like not everyone is ready for Jessie Colter‘s hotness. The gay porn star went to the Kentucky Kingdom water park today and wore his red brief trunks. There is no doubt that Jessie looks good in swimwear, but according to the water park and an LMPD officer he was probably looking a little bit too hot.

According to Jessie, he was threatened with arrest and being called a “queer” by an LMPD officer. “He informed me that several Public Safety Officers from the park had warned [me], which is 100% false”, says Jessie. It was actually one of the PSO’s who earlier said that it was okay to wear the brief trunks.

The police officer asked Jessie to leave the park or face arrest. Jessie, who is not amused, has chosen to leave the park. He hasn’t filed an official complaint yet, as he believes it’s more important to get the word out first.

Jessie Colter in red speedos

Jessie Colter in the swimwear he was wearing

The website of the Kentucky Kingdom water park mentions a dress code on their FAQ page. It says the water park reserves the right to determine whether a guest is dressed inappropriately, but is a red speedo really that inappropriate when you are visiting a water park?


Guests must wear shirts and shoes at all times while at Kentucky Kingdom, except when inside the Hurricane Bay water park. Proper swimming attire is required at Hurricane Bay. For their own safety, guests may not swim in cut-offs or other clothing with rivets, zippers, or buckles. Kentucky Kingdom is a family-friendly theme park and reserves the right to determine whether a guest’s attire is appropriate.


We have asked the water park for a comment, but we have not yet received a response at the time of publishing.

Jessie Colter threatened with arrest in water park

Jessie Colter in a more provocative representation

** Developing story ** – we will update this story as soon as more information is available.


UPDATE [July 10th, 2014] – We still haven’t received a response from the Kentucky Kingdom water park, but we did find a lady on Twitter who witnessed what happened.

Girl witnessed Jessie Colter's speedo incident

UPDATE [July 10th, 2014] – The guys from the local news site picked up the story earlier today and they have received a phone call from someone from the water park. Kentucky Kingdom has promised to release a statement tomorrow.


UPDATE [July 11th, 2014] – It has been 4PM (local Louisville, KY time) and so far, we haven’t heard back from Kentucky Kingdom. They probably have been busy with hundreds of upset women, who started to complain after the park told a nursing mom to feed her baby in private. This violates the Kentucky state law, which says that nursing women are allowed to feed their kids everywhere.

While all of those women were able to complain and share their concerns on the park’s Facebook page, there have been stories of people complaining about the “speedo matter” who were blocked and got their message deleted.

In the meantime, more local news sources are picking up this story. The water park has today revised its breastfeeding policy and hopefully some sort of statement, regarding Jessie being kicked out of the park and being called a ‘queer’ by a police officer, will follow soon.


  • Rain Carrington

    It wasn’t inappropriate at all! What do they expect, trunks down to a man’s knees? I’ve seen skimpier than this in all the water parks I’ve been to, family friendly ones at that. This is bigotry pure and simple. The park and the police owe him a public apology!

  • Sport Lad

    It looks like they picked on the wrong guy this time. Go Jessie! This is discrimination and the world should know about this!!!!

  • Girlintoporn

    Uuuuhm what else would you wear to a waterpark? This sounds ridiculous

  • Arunas

    Absolutely absurd. Nothing wrong wear swimwear at water park. This is got to be stopped.

  • Dennis010

    I am NOT trying to justify anything here but this is just one side of the story. It would be good to hear what the amusement park has to say. If this is what went on then the park owes mr Colter an apology.

    • Mike Fryman

      The park had their opportunity to make a statement. It’s not one-sided when the other side refuses to comment.

  • Peter

    He has supplied a photo of the back of the swimming trunks, but not the front. Why? Come on man, the advert says it is a family orientated pool and if you are flouncing around with a budgie smuggler at the front of the shorts then the pool attendants are right to ask you to leave. Those things belong at gay or public beaches where you would be within your rights, but this was a private pool where you must obey their rules.

    • Scott

      A bulge in a bikini on a man IS natural. It’s not obscene. Children are allowed to attend diving competitions, and the divers certainly wear speedos. And they have bulges. Whats the difference?

    • jake

      Are you kidding me??? So what are you trying to say? That women can wear bikinis (or even 1 pieces for that matter!) with their boobs bouncing around and nobody bats a negative eye lash about it, but a guy wears a (completely appropriate, mind you) SPEEDO, and he is wrong because he has a penis and testicals between his legs? F*ck off bro, we all have dicks, get over your macho fear of them.

    • scot sims


  • roy

    Ignorance at it’s best! A “Family” Oriented Facility – they would sooner teach their young how to shoot an AK47 but not teach them that girls have Va J J’s and men have wieners. His man parts were covered up!!! Arrgh, just grow up people. Sue the ass off of them for calling you queer – hope you have plenty of witnesses. Good luck bud!

  • JLSH

    I honestly don’t think it has anything to do with feather being gay straight bi trans at all here. The park is a family oriented park, they would ask a female who had a thong/string bikini to do the same. Let’s step back and look at this as a parent how would you like to be in a water park with a strange man in a speedo?

    Someone mentioned diving – that’s a sport!

    I don’t think there is anything wrong with that suit, guest were more then likely complaining so the park had to take action – after all it isn’t 13th and Ocean in Miami… There are just places that it is acceptable to wear something the “skimpy” and that just wasn’t the place. We do live in KY so we are a little behind on times here ;)

    • Brian Apple

      False comparison. Jesse wasn’t wearing a string bikini or a thong.

  • Bikerman

    The US is such a weird puritanical country. This would be just laughed at in Europe. If the man’s bits are covered up then he’s decent.

  • The Kentucky Gent

    Thanks for bringing this issue up, I’ve given my two cents on Louisville’s local online news resource. Be sure to give it a read for up to date information from Kentucky Kingdom’s home city! We’re not all rednecks.

  • Brian Apple

    I’ve seen women wear much less. Why is it that women can get away with wearing tiny bikinis? Women are to blame for this incident.

  • Aaron Hudson

    It wasn’t Christian enough for them folks down there in the bible belt.

  • jonjct

    the lifeguards at Sherwood Island Park in Westport CT all have park-issued swim trunks the boxer-brief size, but somehow the cut of these shorts shows a package on every single one of these guys. obviously, some of these guys are bulging, some not so much, in front of everybody who cares to look. :)

  • Railers2

    Well, only in Kentucky